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Returns an object containing various pieces of information about the document. This includes statistical information such as the number of words and sentences, as well as analytical information such as term frequency counts.
The id parameter is an optional parameter to specify which configuration to return results for. Content can be processed by multiple configurations in one pass by prior calls to Salience.AddSalienceConfiguration. Omitting this parameter or passing an empty string returns results based on the default configuration.
This method is a a wrapper around the underlying C API method lxaGetDocumentDetails.


public SalienceDocumentDetails GetDocumentDetails(String id="")


id Optional: The identifier for a specific configuration for results.


If successful, a SalienceDocumentDetails object is returned. Otherwise, an exception is thrown with information about the failure.


    Salience Engine = null;
    string licensePath = "C:/Program Files/Lexalytics/License.v5";
    string dataPath = "C:/Program Files/Lexalytics/data";

        Engine = new Salience(licensePath, dataPath);
    catch (SalienceException e)
        System.Console.WriteLine("Error Loading SalienceEngine: " + e.Message);

    int nRet = Engine.PrepareText("Lexalytics is headquartered in Amherst, MA");
    if (nRet==0)
        SalienceDocumentDetails myDetails = Engine.GetDocumentDetails(String.Empty);

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