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This method returns the categories for a document based on a predefined set of categories, which has been extracted from Wikipedia content classification into a wide spectrum of categories. Customers have the ability to tune the category set through datafiles, allowing certain categories to be excluded from consideration, or tuning other categories through additional terms. Categories are returned as a list of SalienceTopic structures.
The id parameter is an optional parameter to specify which configuration to return results for. Content can be processed by multiple configurations in one pass by prior calls to Salience.AddSalienceConfiguration. Omitting this parameter or passing an empty string returns results based on the default configuration.
This method is a a wrapper around the underlying C API method lxaGetDocumentCategories.


public List<SalienceTopic> GetDocumentCategories(String id="")


id Optional: The identifier for a specific configuration for results.


If successful, a List<> of SalienceTopic objects is returned. Otherwise, an exception is thrown with information about the failure.


TODO: Example needed for Salience 6

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