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Retrieves the opinions expressed by user-defined entities within the text. User-defined entities are based on the entity list specified through the User Entity List option. Other parameters to control entity extraction should be specified by setting additional Entity Options. These options must be set before calling this method.
This function sets the pResults member of the passed in SalienceOpinionList to point to an array of SalienceOpinion structures. The nLength member is set to the length of this array.
The acConfigurationID parameter specifies the configuration for the results. Configurations are defined using the method lxaAddSalienceConfiguration.
After use you should free the allocated memory by calling lxaFreeOpinionList.


int lxaGetUserEntityOpinions(SalienceSession *pSession, 
                             SalienceOpinionList *pResults,
                             const char *acConfigurationID);


pSession Pointer to a SalienceSession structure previously returned by a call to lxaOpenSalienceSession
pResults Pointer to a SalienceOpinionList structure that will get filled in by the call
acConfigurationID Character string specifying the configuration for the results, blank for the default configuration


This method returns an integer return code.


    char* acPath = "c:/somefile.txt";
    SalienceOpinionList oUserOpinionList;
    SalienceSession* pSession;
    char* acConfigId = "";
    ... //Set up the parameters as well as the license here
    if (lxaOpenSalienceSession(oLicense,acDataPath,&pSession,&acError) == LXA_OK)

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