French language support in Salience

French was the first non-English language that support within Salience was developed.

Release history

Support for French is distributed as a separate data directory download from the Customer Support portal.

Release Release Date Notes
r7681 27 Feb 2014 Update to include rebuilt Concept Matrix for French, requires Salience or higher.
r7385 17 Oct 2013 Update to include datafile needed for use with Salience 5.1.1.
r6752 14 Dec 2012 Update to address line ending issue in pattern files on Linux platforms.
r6562 30 Jun 2012 Update to include concept matrix for French. Enabled phrase-based sentiment analysis. Requires Salience 5.1.
  12 Aug 2011 Update to include better handling of French social media constructions.
  30 Nov 2010 Initial release. Model-based document and entity sentiment. Requires Salience 4.4.

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