Basic Language Support

Salience offers an expanded list of languages with "basic" support, consisting of entities, queries and document level sentiment. Basic Languages are support via a local server application that Salience will manage. The server needs to run on the machine with Salience, but does not need any upload or download access to your LAN or the wider internet.

The following functions are supported (the others will return an "LXA_UNAVAILABLE_IN_CURRENT_SESSION" error):

The following languages are currently under basic support:

Installation of Basic Languages

After installing Salience, simply run a basic language installer on windows to begin using it. A [language code]-Basic directory will be created under your Salience installation: initialize a session with this directory to begin processing text in that language.

On Linux, navigate to your installation directory (lxainstall) and untar a basic language. On Linux you must additionally set a REPUSTATE_HOME directory to point to $lxainstall/Salience/BasicLanguages. We recommend setting this environment variable in your bash profile.

Here is a complete recommended .bash_profile file for a salience installation including Basic Languages support:

emacs .bash_profile

Add the following:

export lxainstall



export JAVA_HOME

export JAVA_OPTS

export PATH

Refresh your environment:

source .bash_profile

Configuring Basic Languages

Although usually not necessary, two options are available to configure the server used to support basic languages. You can change the port the Basic Languages server runs on (defaults to 9000) and you can instruct Salience not to manage the lifecycle of the server (not recommended). By default the server will be started up the first time a basic language is used and closed when the last session supporting them is closed. This is correctly supported even across multiple processes. If you have special needs regarding the server startup and closing, you can use Salience Options to take control of the process, noting that your code must now assure it's availability whenever Basic Languages are being processed.