Welcome to the Lexalytics documentation wiki for Salience 6. This wiki is intended to be a repository of technical and developer documentation for Salience, the Lexalytics text analytics engine. Additional usage documentation and best practice guidelines can be found on our developer blog at http://dev.lexalytics.com/blog.

IMPORTANT: Please refer to the Salience 5.x wiki for documentation of Salience 5.x.

For any questions regarding the product documentation provided here, please email Lexalytics Support.

How to use this wiki

This wiki has a couple of major sections, with additional related information linked where relevant. Getting the most out of Salience depends on an understanding of the Salience API and the Data Directory. However, there are some topics that don't fit neatly with the content under either of those sections, or could fall into both.

  • "I'm just getting started with my Salience installation" ... See the Getting Started section
  • "I have a question about an API method or results" ... See the Salience SDK section
  • "I have a question about a data file or customizing results" ... See the Data Directory section
  • "I want to find information about X but don't know where to look" ... Use Search to find relevant pages

Technical support

Lexalytics provides technical support for the current release of each product, as well as the next previous release. The following tables provide release dates and support information for major product lines. You must contact Lexalytics for download credentials and licensing.

Salience 6

Version Release Date Tech. Support Download
6.3.0 16 Feb 2018 Current http://support.lexalytics.com
6.2.0 07 Sept 2016 Current http://support.lexalytics.com
6.1.1 29 Jan 2016 Current http://support.lexalytics.com
6.1 18 May 2015 Ending 31 May 2018 http://support.lexalytics.com
6.0 17 Nov 2014 Ended 30 Nov 2017 http://support.lexalytics.com