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January 10th, 2008 by mike.marshall

Came across a fantastic article today on the difference between a good software developer and a good computer science graduate.  Well worth a read.

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  1. Deb Says:

    IMHO, kids coming out of school today lack motivation to think for themsevles, know how to think for themselves, and as the article says “to know what’s coming next.” I think they expect way too much for no hard work. It’s no fault of their own … well okay maybe a little …

    It’s a read … “fantastic” I would argue and nothing really new. Even old-school coders like me still like the thrill of a good challenge … I don’t see the excitement any more in new engineers, developers or those with a little grease behind the ear etc. It seems we’re all just going through the motions to collect a pay check. Isn’t that what we’re teaching them by example??

    Where is innovation being taught? How do we innovate let alone motivate? … where can we brainstorm without fear of retribution from our higher-ups or a bad review? Where are we allowed to think for ourselves, be respected, and be heard? O, I guess that’s for grad school or the small startup you join hoping to cash in big ;-) .

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