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¿Sabe usted español? Você sabe português?

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

The Salience Engine developed by Lexalytics is capable of industry-leading entity extraction, sentiment analysis, theme extraction, summarization, and other text analysis. Prior to our latest release however, this functionality was limited to the analysis of English content only. Our release of Salience 4.4 introduced support for the analysis of French text. This support was built from the ground up to provide the engine with a deep and native understanding of French. Our French support is already being deployed by MediaVantage (MédiaVantage et Lexalytics offrent la une analyse automatique de ton en plusieurs langues) for their clients that need to analyze both English and French content. As my grade school French teacher would say, “C’est formidable!”

For our next release later this year, we’re setting our sights on additional language support. This time, Spanish and Portuguese. In order to achieve this, we will follow the same recipe of gathering knowledge for native language resources to put together the building blocks needed to provide true support for Spanish and Portuguese.

If you are fluent in Spanish or Portuguese, this is where you can help us. We are looking for resources to assist with the annotation of content for use in training our engine. NOTE: This is not translation!

Please review the following criteria carefully:

  1. Must be a native or highly fluent speaker of Spanish (Latin American or European) or Portuguese (Brazilian or European).
  2. We prefer individual contractors, not agencies.
  3. No placement agencies, please.
  4. We prefer US-based. Makes payment, taxes, etc. much easier.
  5. Would prefer resources in the Boston area, but not required.
  6. This is short-term contract work, not full-time employment.
  7. You must have a Windows PC that you can use to run our utilities that aid the annotation work.

If you meet these criteria, and are interested in helping us understand Spanish or Portuguese, please get in touch with us by emailing, with “Spanish contract resource” or “Portuguese contract resource” as the subject. We look forward to hearing from you.

Gracias a todos. Muito obrigado.

Does @CharlieSheen really have @klout?

Friday, March 4th, 2011

It’s been impossible this week to get away from Charlie Sheen. He’s all over the airwaves on television and radio, and seems like everyone is commenting on his interviews on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites. But one thing that caught my attention (thanks to @eric_andersen)yesterday was an article posted on klout, “Charlie Sheen Needs a Klout Score”.  The article mentions the Charlie Sheen’s Klout score and justifies it, concluding with the statement:

At Klout we measure influence which we define as the ability to drive measurable actions across the social web. Charlie’s first tweet contained a link to a picture – that link has been clicked through 455,000 times at the time of this writing (6:39PM PST).

So continuing in the tradition of Friday blog articles that are less technical but still related to text analytics or software engineering in general, I wanted to think about whether this really does provide a measure of influence.